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Oremus: Oremus
Oremus: Oremus
Oremus: The Song of Benedict
Oremus: The Song of Benedict
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Same website, new look!We've updated our website! The old one was getting a bit cluttered, so we took the opportunity to redesign the look. Things should be a bit easier to find now. The new site is organized into the following sections: There's also a new search feature that should help you find what you're looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

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Oremus is a Catholic Rock band formed by two brothers, Chris and Tom. Oremus performs clean rock music with a Catholic message.

The band was formed in response to Pope John Paul II's call for a 'New Evangelization.' Oremus tries to renew and reclaim the image of modern music as a beautiful and creative art form, rather than as a medium for rebellion or for the culture of death. "Rock" can signify faithfulness to Peter, the Rock. Rock can also refer to building one's house on Rock, not on sand.

Oremus believes that music gives a strong message and the message Oremus gives is one of peace found through prayer and a close relationship with Our Lord. This is a message worth spreading around.

Oremus was begun in early 2004. Chris and Tom had already been performing music together for many years, including in their Catholic parish's classical choir. Because of Chris and Tom's varied musical backgrounds, they are able to develop an original music style that borrows from many other styles.

Oremus advocates the use of Rock music for recreation and for entertainment, while supporting the use of traditional and classical Catholic music in the Liturgy.

As a non-profit band, Oremus provides free music downloads on the Music page of this website. Please feel free to browse around and enjoy our music!

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